WomanCode Four Day Reset Review

womancode reset meals

If you’ve been here before, you know that I’m a huge fan of the WomanCode book by Alisa Vitti.  It has dramatically changed the way I treat and honor my body.  The FLO Living protocol is also what helped me bring back my period after months of missed periodsWhen you first read the book, Alisa recommends to start with her 4 Day Reset to jump start the cleansing process for the liver and hormones.  I actually felt that I ate pretty well and did not do it when I read the book back in summer 2017.  It wasn’t until about two weeks ago that I had the tipping point that made me consider trying the Reset. 

I felt like my body wasn’t livable anymore.  My insides were so sluggish and my skin was breaking out.  I was stressed from work and eating way too many carbs.  My body didn’t know how to react in the mornings when I’d wake or what to crave at what hour of the day.  Everything felt so out of sync so the 4 Day Reset was just what I needed.

womancode reset meals

Originally, I feared the Reset would not provide me enough food.  It is A LOT less food than I’m used to eating but, then again, I was already eating too much of food that was not fueling me for my needs.  Breakfasts each day of the Reset were mixed fruit bowls filled with chopped apple, pear, or berries.  Plus, an optional green juice which I used as a mid-morning snack.  I’ve got to say, breakfast was the hardest meal to deal with.  I was on the verge of a headache and STARVED by the time 12 o’clock lunchtime rolled around.  

womancode reset meals

Reset Time

I filled my lunchtime meals with HUGE bowls of greens and that helped keep me pretty content, along with lentils and quinoa.  I followed the vegan option of using beans but the Reset also allows for fish to be included as a protein source.  The lunchtime kale salad, the spring mix salad were both delicious and quite hearty.

womancode reset meals

Mid-afternoon called for a snack of fruit or chopped veggies.  Vitti says another serving of lunch or dinner was acceptable but I preferred to eat a green apple, slices of cucumber, or carrots.  Snacking on these reminded me of how satisfying simple vegetables and fruit can be.

I followed the WomanCode recipes for the dishes so that I was following the plan as closely as possible.    The collard greens recipe was a delicious one that I saved for a side dish to my Veggie Soup at dinner.  I would toss in some more dried herbs next time because the soup was a little poor-tasting on its own.  I also preferred to add a bit of lentils to the veggie soup to make it more filling.

womancode reset meals

Here is a little breakdown of how I felt and what I noticed each day:

Day1 : Low on energy lacking in fuel.  On the verge of irritable and hangry.  Fatigue and lightheadedness were present.  My skin was the reason I started the cleanse and my face was red, broken out, and irritated.

Day 2: Calm but walking the line between energized and lightheaded. Mentally hungry for my next meal.

Day 3: Calm and managing to keep my energy stable.  Hungry for my meals but not starved.

Day 4: Happy to be eating slightly more.  Content with meals but understanding that I don’t need to eat SO MUCH.  My skin had slightly less redness and inflammation was down.

So, was the Reset worth it? 

The verdict is: yes!  I have never in my life done a cleanse or detox of any sort.  The meals in the 4 Day Reset are not meant to be long-term but they are sustainable over the course of a few days. 

What also made the Reset a great experience were the messages to help work on different aspects of health.  These were reminders to eat slower, get rid of items I no longer use, and how to self-care—just to name a few.  The activities complimented the cleanse perfectly.  It reignited my understanding of principles like taking my time and moving more slowly.  When I move slowly, I can better take in my surroundings and my needs. 

Days and weeks later, I notice my skin still has the acne issue but without the inflammation that was evident prior to the Reset.  I did not anticipate that my digestion would receive grand changes but it improved dramatically!  Never have I been more regular or “light”.  I feel like my body has a better handle on how to manage itself and how to process what I fuel it with. 

If you’re interested in a hormonal detox then give the WomanCode Reset a try.  The book has also been a lifesaver for me in getting my period back.  See my FLO Living series here!  I can vouch for the positive effects and tools it brought to my life and I hope this post is helpful for anyone considering this route (especially with the all the hoopla of the holidays).

Best wishes, my friends!

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