A Day of FLO Living: Cycle-Syncing Updates & Food Inspiration

luteal phase cycle appropriate food

It has been a while since I last made a cycle-syncing post.  I’ve been following Alisa Vitti’s WomanCode FLO Living protocol for several months now and I see positive changes—including getting my period back!  Therefore, I feel it is appropriate to bring my A Day of FLO Living Series back for some cycle-syncing updates and what I’ve been eating to balance my hormones!

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Storytime: How I Lost My Period and Got it Back + My 3 Tips!

my period story

I used to be the girl with the perfect period. In my school years, my friends would talk about missing periods, backaches, cramps, acne, and other uncomfortable period symptoms. My period would come and go in a few short days but I never had problems. Until a few years ago, when I lost my period.

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Oral Health Care Routine & Oral Essentials Oral Care Products Review

oral health care routine and products

All day long I’m either eating or snacking—and in between those moments I’m brushing my teeth.  The last thing I want is to stack food smells and flavors in my mouth.  As much as the food I eat is important to me, so is clean, fresh breath.  I brush my teeth three times a day so I realized that the oral care products I’m using so frequently should be chemical-free and as natural as possible.  For this reason, I’ve been on the hunt for toothpaste that meets those standards and aligns with my values. Read more

Ovulatory Phase: A Day of FLO Living

Hey everyone!  This is my fourth installment of my A Day of FLO Living posts!  If you missed my last FLO Living posts, catch up with them here.  If you’ve been following along then you’ll know that I am cycle-syncing for hormonal balance.  I’m following Alisa Vitti’s WomanCode protocol for recommendations on food, exercise, and lifestyle choices to support my cycle.  The ovulatory phase that today’s post will focus on is one of the four phases in the cycle. 

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Follicular Phase: A Day of FLO Living

I’m onto my third chapter of these A Day of FLO Living posts!  If you missed my last FLO Living posts, click here to check out my Menstrual Phase post and click here for my Luteal Phase post.  Also, if you’re new here, then, hello!  I am cycle-syncing to bring my body into hormonal balance and to do so I’m following WomanCode protocol.  WomanCode is a guidebook written by Alisa Vitti that outlines different food, exercise, and lifestyle choices we can make to support each phase of our cycle.  The follicular phase is just one of FOUR phases in the cycle. 

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