Quinoa Taco “Meat” Recipe

Salad with Quinoa Meat

When I was in high school, the cafeteria used to serve junk like pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, or hot dogs.  I like a slice of pizza once in a while but what I love is food that makes me feel good.  There was a limited supply of salads because the school must’ve thought no one would want to eat salads.  On the contrary, everyone would make a beeline for them right at the start of lunch (teachers included).  Every day there was a different lunchtime salad option.  Wednesdays used to be Taco Salad day. Read more

Homemade Hanging Wall Wreath Decoration


As winter tree branches begin to dry up in my backyard, I figured there must be uses for them besides firewood.  In my yard, I have large mesquite trees which are known for their long, limber branches and messy leaves.  I trimmed off some branches that had shed most of their leaves but were still slightly flexible (aka green inside).  I decided to upcycle the lovely branches into a pretty wall wreath decoration for my home.

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