Crispy Aquafaba Protein Waffles

If you’ve ever cracked open a can of beans and wondered what the purpose of the smelly liquid is, you’re not alone.  I know the liquid helps preserve the beans for storage but, otherwise, that liquid is just useless, right?  Think again!  Aquafaba, or the murky beige liquid that comes packed in garbanzo bean and white bean cans, can be used for a surprising multitude of purposes.

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Five Healthy Habits That I Practice

Happy Friday!

My daily activities may vary but there are some parts of my routine that I consider essential to my well-being.  I have practiced the following healthy habits almost daily for several weeks now and I can confidently state that I have seen positive changes since implementing them.  I notice great differences in my energy, mood, and overall health.  Read along to find out what my favorite healthy habits are. 😀

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