Chocolatey Cranberry Banana Bread (GF + V)

cranberry chocolate chip banana bread

Recently, I saw a recipe for Cranberry Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from one of my favorite Instagrammers, KaleJunkie.  The flavor combination was intriguing but I gave the recipe some adaptation and it turned out really well!  I love the idea of cranberries in recipes but, yet, when I buy them I forget what I want to make with them.  Not this time!  Their tart flavor is stronger than other berries but it works perfectly in this recipe for a sweet holiday treat.  Of course, treats are what make the holidays feel like THE HOLIDAYS so I’ll be enjoying every bite of this banana bread.

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1 Bowl GF + V Pumpkin Cookies

luteal phase eats

When I was younger, my mom used to bake up cookies every few weeks to feed the sweet tooth that my sister and I had.  As a kid, nothing was better than a glass of milk and a belly full of cookies.  YES.  I had no self-restraint and never stopped at just one.  Homemade cookies are best when fresh so I would eat 4-5 that first day…and the second day…and maybe just two or three after that…if there were still any cookies left.

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