Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me by Lily Collins Book Review

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Earlier this year, in March, Lily Collins published an autobiographical book on what she calls her deepest unshared secrets.  Collins presents a number of both unique and relatable experiences from her childhood in Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.  She encourages readers to follow in suit and open up about their own struggles, quirks, and stories.  The sooner we can do that, the sooner we can live life with a better, more loving version of ourselves.

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What I Knew Before Reading Unfiltered:

I have always viewed Lily Collins as the epitome of elegance, class, and free-spirited perfection.  While she certainly is, there is much more about her life and story that I didn’t know.  Just like Anna Kendrick, whose self-written book Scrappy Little Nobody I also reviewed here, Collins is a young Hollywood actress who has made a mark on the millennial generation, to say the least.  Collins’ list of acting gigs is short but I knew she would have something meaningful to say beyond actor life.

I remember first seeing Lily Collins on Nickelodeon (back when Nickelodeon and Disney Channel were the only channels I would watch) reporting on the presidential election of 2008.  From Unfiltered, I’ve learned her journalism interests go much further than that.  As a young girl, she wanted to see others her own age represented in media and writing.  During teen years, she used her skills to report live on TV for Nickeloden and in writing for magazines like Elle Girl UK.  With this in mind, Unfiltered targets an audience of similar age to her.  More on this later.

unfiltered lily collins quote

What I Like About Unfiltered

Unfiltered is inspirational as it starts each chapter with a quote pulled from the chapter’s content.  Each chapter takes on a different topic or lesson.  Put together, they have helped shape Lily Collins into who she is today.  It is not the most original concept for a celebrity-written book but it is full of fun facts about Collins.  She touches on her childhood, life in the UK and LA, and reveals details about the eating disorder that she kept well-hidden all these years.  It means so much to read her thoughts on surviving her most challenging times growing up.

Collins’ book reads like a girl friend or older sister comfortably talking about obstacles that teens and young adults face.  She takes on a mentor-like role to explain the lessons she has learned and the advice she wishes to provide.  She genuinely hopes to touch others with what she has gone through and offer helpful suggestions as well as a glimmer of hope that things get better.  Such moments are conveyed in chapters like My Battle For Perfection or Food As Fuel, Not Punishment.

Who Should Read Unfiltered:

While her book seems most appropriate for teens to young adults, adults beyond her age could still enjoy it.  It is fascinating to read Collins’ stories and recollections about notable moments in her young life–including an “unfiltered” look at her relationship with her dad.  I’m only a few years her junior, so I could relate to some experiences she had growing up.  The ones that I couldn’t relate to still shed light on a new perspective for me.

Celebrity news junkies, movie buffs, fans, or casual observers of Lily Collins could enjoy this book.  I think Unfiltered offers a valuable perspective about someone’s life that may appear picture perfect but isn’t.  Though, there is no pity involved, only empowerment.  A glimpse into Lily Collins’ reality is one worth checking out.

unfiltered lily collins quote


Live Nomva Smoothie Packs Review

Recently, I got the opportunity to sample several of Live Nomva’s probiotic smoothie packs.  These little packs are pure health pureed into a drinkable form.  I find them perfect for on-the-go and also an easy way to squeeze (literally!) some healthy fruits and veggies into my day.

Live Nomva Smoothie Packs
Photo from Live Nomva’s website

I tried out the following smoothie pack flavors:






At the time I tried these out, they had not yet release their ISLANDTIME flavor.   Nonetheless, I really liked the flavors I did try!  They’re basically like applesauce in texture but better! The packs are made with awesome ingredients ranging from banana to kale to apples to quinoa.

To begin with, the TROPICARROT flavor was probably my favorite.  It is made of pineapple, carrot, mango, and pear.  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of how I used that pack because I literally guzzled that baby down in a minute because it was that good!  For all of the other flavors (that I could exercise a bit more restraint with) I managed to take some pictures:

STRAWNANA Live Nomva Smoothie Pack Chia Pudding Parfait

The STRAWNANA flavor went excellently in a coconut chia pudding, granola, and strawberries parfait that I put together.

EVERBERRY Live Nomva Smoothie Pack Chia Pudding Parfait

I also used their EVERBERRY flavor as a layer in yet another chia pudding parfait.  I mixed in some Puffins cereal, strawberries, and kiwi this time.  Super yum!

Admittedly, you could make your own smoothie and use that in a parfait but it’s hard to make just a small amount of smoothie.  So, these packs are the perfect size!!  I love adding the Nomva smoothie packs to parfaits and other concoctions but they are so delicious on their own.  Plus, they are free from dairy, tree nuts, preservatives, or anything funky.  Pure organic fruit and vegetables + vegan friendly probiotics!

Let’s talk about the probiotics for a sec.  As a mostly plant-based eater, I do not consume yogurt regularly.  That used to be my main source of probiotics.  Sometimes I drink kombucha or eat sauerkraut but these Live Nomva smoothies are totally easy and safe to consume daily because they are made with wholesome, organic produce.  Now, I can get behind that.

Live Nomva KALE YEAH: Productivity Fuel

Twice, I tried the KALE YEAH flavor on an occasion when I felt like I needed a pick-me-up but my stomach was feeling a bit off.  All of the nutritious ingredients and probiotics definitely helped me feel reenergized!

Check out the Live Nomva website to see more about their smoothie pack flavors and find out where you can buy them locally.  I believe you can even get a $1 off coupon to try out their product when you visit their website.

Have you guys tried the Nomva smoothie packs?  If so, what did you think?  As always, I’d love to hear your opinions.




DISCLAIMER: The Live Nomva smoothie packs were sent to me as a giveaway prize package.  I am not under any obligation to promote or endorse this product.  I truly enjoyed them so I just want to share my review.