July Wrap Up—Favorites from the Month

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It’s that time again!  Monthly favorites are probably one of my favorite posts to write.  Is that fair?  Can I include my monthly favorites as a favorite?  Well, regardless, it is a great way for me to talk about what I like and what I’ve been working on during the month.  The dress that I’m wearing in the the above photo is one project that I tackled this month.  It is my first big sewing project and I’m so happy with how it turned out.  I’m not ready to instruct a course on how to sew but there are a couple of things I’m excited to tell you about.  Keep reading to find out. Read more

June Wrap-Up: Favorites From This Month

june favorites

The official start of summer wasn’t until June 21st but I’ve been living it up in the blazin’ hundred degree weather since the start of the month.  The hot weather leads me to have simple days of chill tea dates with friends or just spend a bit more time indoors, discovering new favorites 😉  I’m really excited to share what I loved in books, TV, food, music, and more this month so, if you’re interested, keep reading! Read more

May Wrap-Up: Favorites From This Month

may wrap up favorites

This month has been a long one but a slow one. I know that is quite the contradiction but maybe that is just life in general: long and slow. Ooh look at me being all thoughtful. 😄 Anyway, I thought I’d just whip up a post going over some favorites as far as things I tried and notable moments for me in this month of May.

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Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me by Lily Collins Book Review

unfiltered lily collins

Earlier this year, in March, Lily Collins published an autobiographical book on what she calls her deepest unshared secrets.  Collins presents a number of both unique and relatable experiences from her childhood in Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.  She encourages readers to follow in suit and open up about their own struggles, quirks, and stories.  The sooner we can do that, the sooner we can live life with a better, more loving version of ourselves.

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Highlights of Scrappy Little Nobody

If you’ve been following celebrity news, then you might be aware of Anna Kendrick’s memoir titled Scrappy Little Nobody.  Alternatively, if you do not follow celebrity news then, perhaps, you might be like me and randomly stumble upon the above mentioned book at a local library or book store.

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