Beet and Greens Protein Smoothie

beet and greens smoothie

Oftentimes, I make some really fantastic smoothies and I don’t measure.  If you know me, I’m all about cooking with as few utensils as possible!  Simply, a handful of frozen this or that and a dollop of nut butter save me from having to wash measuring cups.  As much as I love smoothies, I dislike having to wash the blender and blades so I want to minimize dirty dishes!  For the sake of perfecting my beet and greens smoothie, I whipped out the measuring cups.

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Zucchini Stovetop Oatmeal

ucchini Stovetop Oatmeal

Have I sunk to a new low?  Am I really writing a post about how to cook oatmeal?  In all fairness, a year or two back, I was still only making overnight oats because I had no idea how to cook hot oatmeal, and much less with zucchini.  When I was growing up, my mom used to cook oatmeal in a way that involved way too much water so the oatmeal would boil and be left swimming in murky liquid.  It was often super mushy, too.  Like, when people associate oatmeal with being old people’s food, that is because they have suffered through bland, mushy oatmeal.  I was one of those people but I’ve come out on the other side with a revived interest in stovetop oatmeal.

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