WomanCode Four Day Reset Review

womancode reset meals

If you’ve been here before, you know that I’m a huge fan of the WomanCode book by Alisa Vitti.  It has dramatically changed the way I treat and honor my body.  The FLO Living protocol is also what helped me bring back my period after months of missed periodsWhen you first read the book, Alisa recommends to start with her 4 Day Reset to jump start the cleansing process for the liver and hormones.  I actually felt that I ate pretty well and did not do it when I read the book back in summer 2017.  It wasn’t until about two weeks ago that I had the tipping point that made me consider trying the Reset. 

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Chocolatey Cranberry Banana Bread (GF + V)

cranberry chocolate chip banana bread

Recently, I saw a recipe for Cranberry Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from one of my favorite Instagrammers, KaleJunkie.  The flavor combination was intriguing but I gave the recipe some adaptation and it turned out really well!  I love the idea of cranberries in recipes but, yet, when I buy them I forget what I want to make with them.  Not this time!  Their tart flavor is stronger than other berries but it works perfectly in this recipe for a sweet holiday treat.  Of course, treats are what make the holidays feel like THE HOLIDAYS so I’ll be enjoying every bite of this banana bread.

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Favorites of the Season: What I’m Loving Lately

Hello beautiful souls!  I’ve missed you!  The whole two jobs, no spare time thing has really put a damper on social time.  In case you didn’t know, I got hired for a seasonal job back in October and, not long after, was offered a full time job elsewhere.  I’ve been juggling the two at the sacrifice of social media, my loving blog, and communication with anyone who isn’t a coworker or family living in my house.  As the month soon comes to a close, I foresee some more time for me to get back to all of that! 

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How to Enjoy the Holiday Season When You Feel Lonely

holiday season enjoy

For a long time, I didn’t celebrate holidays at all.  My family didn’t decorate the house or dress up or play holiday tunes while I was growing up.  I would look to friends in awe off their family’s traditions and celebrations and long for something special.  It wasn’t until I was in high school that my family started to get together with extended family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  As a kid, I had established expectations from movies of what the holidays should look like.  Now, I find myself in a rushed state of activity that I worry the holidays will just blow past me before I get a chance to sit down.  The thing is, there are a handful of qualities that make the holidays special. 

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